Discover VALORANT’s 23rd Agent Deadlock’s Abilities

April 19, 2024

VALORANT's highly anticipated 23rd Agent, Deadlock, has been the talk of the community as players eagerly await her arrival. With the help of Riot Games and some dedicated leakers, we now have a sneak peek at Deadlock's appearance and her impressive set of abilities.

The introduction of new Agents in VALORANT not only adds excitement to the game but also brings fresh dynamics to the competitive scene. As players adapt to the unique playstyles and strategies of each Agent, the meta continues to evolve, ensuring a captivating experience.

In a recent "State of the Agents" video by Riot Games, John Goscicki, the character producer for VALORANT, discussed the future plans and balance adjustments for the game. Among the topics covered, Goscicki revealed that three new Agents would be released in 2023.

Following the release of Gekko in Episode 6 Act 2, players have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next Agent, Deadlock. Although her name was known, details about her appearance and abilities remained a mystery. Thankfully, both Riot Games and dedicated leakers have shed light on Deadlock, providing us with a closer look at what she brings to the table.


Deadlock's Abilities

Sonic Sensor (Q):

Sonic Sensor

With the Sonic Sensor equipped, players can deploy it to monitor an area for enemy sounds. If footsteps, gunfire, or significant noise is detected, the sensor triggers a concussion effect in that location.

Barrier Mesh (E)

Barrier Mesh

Deadlock carries a Barrier Mesh disk that can be launched forward. When it makes contact with the ground, the disk generates barriers that obstruct enemy movement.

GravNet (C)


Equipped with a GravNet grenade, Deadlock can launch it or opt for an alternative fire to launch it from below. Upon impact, the GravNet explodes, forcing enemies caught within its range to crouch and move at a reduced speed.

Annihilation (X) / Ultimate


Deadlock's ultimate ability involves the deployment of a Nanowire Accelerator. By releasing a pulse of nanowires, the first enemy hit is captured and pulled along a predetermined path. Unless freed, the captured enemy will meet their demise as they reach the end of the nanowire cocoon. However, it's worth noting that the cocoon is destructible.

The inclusion of Deadlock and her diverse skill set is sure to shake up the VALORANT meta, providing players with new tactical opportunities and challenges. As we eagerly await her official release, the VALORANT community is buzzing with theories and strategies to make the most of Deadlock's unique abilities. Stay tuned for more updates on VALORANT and the exciting world of Agents. Let the countdown begin!

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