Unleashing the Power of Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc: A Meta-Defining Pick

April 19, 2024

League of Legends patch 13.10 brought about significant changes to the game, including the reintroduction of Statikk Shiv. Originally intended as an ADC item, Statikk Shiv has unexpectedly found a new home in the mid lane, particularly on the champion LeBlanc. This unconventional build has quickly gained popularity among professional players, reshaping the meta and revolutionizing LeBlanc's playstyle.

Why is Statikk Shiv a Game-Changer for LeBlanc?

Despite not being a Mythic item, Statikk Shiv has emerged as the preferred first item for LeBlanc players. While most AP mid laners traditionally rely on Mythic items like Rod of Ages, Liandry's Anguish, or Everfrost, LeBlanc enthusiasts have dared to think outside the box. The impact of Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc's performance is undeniable. Pro matches consistently reveal that 20-30% of LeBlanc's total damage to champions is attributed to Statikk Shiv. Given that LeBlanc excels in delivering burst damage, this substantial boost significantly enhances her kill potential. Furthermore, LeBlanc's mobility allows her to make optimal use of Shiv's passive, enabling multiple procs during fights.

Statikk Shiv

Improved Wave Clear and Sidelaning

In addition to the damage boost, Statikk Shiv provides LeBlanc with excellent wave-clearing capabilities, granting her the ability to sidelane more effectively. Historically, LeBlanc has struggled with weaker wave-clear compared to other mid laners. The inclusion of Statikk Shiv now enables her to match her counterparts and gain a significant advantage.

Statikk Shiv LeBlanc Build and Runes

statikk shiv build and runes

When it comes to the build, Night Harvester and Ludens are the primary choices among professionals in their solo queue matches. However, based on Faker's preference for Night Harvester, it is recommended as the core item. Regardless, the consensus remains that Statikk Shiv should be prioritized early on. Following the first item, Lich Bane proves to be an ideal addition. Since LeBlanc already incorporates auto-attacks into her combos to maximize Statikk Shiv's potential, the bonus damage from Lich Bane further amplifies her burst. Beyond these core items, the rest of the build should be tailored to individual needs, considering options like Rabadon's and Mejai's for snowballing, Shadowflame and Void Staff for penetration, and Zhonya's for defensive purposes.

statikk shiv build and runes

In terms of runes, LeBlanc's rune page deviates from the norm and resembles those commonly used by ADCs. Fleet Footwork grants her enhanced mobility and healing, making her a formidable threat throughout the game. Presence of Mind ensures a steady mana pool, while Alacrity is the preferred Legend option for added benefits. Coup de Grace guarantees LeBlanc's ability to swiftly eliminate her targets. Regarding secondary runes, the choice between Manaflow Band and Scorch from the Sorcerer tree or Magical Footwear and Biscuits from the Inspiration tree depends on personal preference, as both options offer valuable advantages.


While the long-term viability of Statikk Shiv on LeBlanc remains uncertain, it is currently an overpowered strategy worth exploiting. This unexpected shift in the meta has propelled LeBlanc to new heights and revolutionized her playstyle. Embrace the power of Statikk Shiv and take advantage of this game-changing item directly on our challenges while it remains a dominant force in League of Legends.

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