Riot Revamps Ranked System for Split 2: A Path to Balanced Competition

April 19, 2024

League of Legends players, get ready for an exciting shift in the Ranked system as we enter Split 2 and beyond. Riot Games has been hard at work implementing changes to enhance the competitive experience, promote faster progression, and address the imbalances that have emerged in the current ranking distribution.

Introducing the Emerald Tier

Emerald Tier League of Legends

To address the issue of skilled players being trapped in lower ranks, Riot is introducing a new tier called the Emerald Tier. Positioned between Platinum and Diamond, this tier will act as a stepping stone for players on their journey to Diamond while alleviating the congestion in Platinum. By redistributing players across these tiers, the aim is to create a more balanced and representative ranking distribution, reducing the overpopulation in Silver and Bronze.

Placement Games Reduced

Starting from Split 2, players will be delighted to know that the number of placement games has been reduced from 10 to 5. This adjustment allows for a faster and more efficient ranking process, saving valuable time and getting you into the action sooner. With this change, Riot seeks to provide a smoother and more rewarding experience as you determine your starting rank for the split.

Say Goodbye to Promotion Series

One of the significant changes coming with Split 2 is the removal of Promotion Series. No longer will you have to endure the frustration of repeatedly going through promotion matches to advance to the next tier. Instead, once you accumulate enough LP, you'll be able to progress directly to the higher tier, reducing unnecessary barriers and expediting your climb. This change not only streamlines the ranked journey but also reduces the time it takes to achieve your desired rank.

First split of season 13 reward: Victorious Anivia

Victorious Anivia League of Legends skin

The method to earn the Victorious skin in this season differs from the last. To get the skin for free, you must play ranked regularly and reach a certain reward thresh hold. You need 1600 SP to get the skin if you are silver or below. But if you are gold or above, you will only need 80 SP. Players can earn SP by playing ranked.

Riot's Objectives with These Changes

Riot Games has specific goals in mind with these updates:

  • Flattening the Rank Curve: By ensuring that each rank aligns more closely with players' skill levels, the new system will provide a more accurate representation of their abilities and offer a higher rank for those deserving.

  • Introduction of the Emerald Tier: This addition aims to facilitate a smoother transition from Platinum to Diamond and create a more balanced ladder experience for players across all tiers.

  • Farewell to Promotion Series: Removing Promotion Series eliminates the frustration and delays caused by these matches, allowing players to progress based on their accumulated LP and reducing the time required to reach their desired rank.

  • Partial Rank Reset and Faster Placements: With a partial reset between splits, players will begin their climb at a higher rank than before, ensuring a sense of progress and reducing the initial grind. Coupled with the streamlined placement process, this change encourages a more enjoyable and engaging experience right from the start

Looking Ahead

As we approach the conclusion of Ranked Split 1, scheduled for July 17 at 23:55 CST, the excitement for Split 2 builds. Additionally, we can't forget to mention that the coveted Victorious Anivia skin awaits those who have excelled in Split 1. With these changes on the horizon, we anticipate a thrilling Split 2 that will bring renewed balance and competitiveness to the Ranked system. is committed to keeping you updated on all the latest developments, so stay tuned for more information and get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey in the revamped Ranked system.

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