Ranked Queue Penalties Unveiled in LoL Patch 13.19

April 19, 2024

Riot Games has been on a mission to create a more enjoyable and sportsmanlike gaming environment. Over time, they've implemented various initiatives aimed at curbing toxic behavior, including an automatic mute system and the Bystander Feedback System. While these measures have made some headway, Riot is now rolling out a more robust system, the Ranked Queue Penalties, to further refine player conduct.

Set to make its debut in Patch 13.19, the Ranked Queue Penalties system promises to be a game-changer in addressing undesirable in-game actions. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what this system entails.

The Ranked Queue Penalties System

Riot Dev Team

As previously discussed, the Ranked Queue Penalties system is designed to target a wide range of offensive actions, including Leaving, being AFK, violating gameplay rules, and engaging in inappropriate chat behavior. Riot Games has made it clear that these actions will trigger the system's intervention.

When a player's account incurs a Ranked Queue Penalty, they will be required to participate in remedial games within non-ranked queues, provided they exhibit good behavior. The emphasis on good behavior is pivotal, implying that players must demonstrate improved conduct to regain access to Ranked play.

The available queues for remedial games include Blind Pick, Draft Pick, ARAM, and the Rotating Game Mode (RGM) queue, featuring modes like Arena and Nexus Blitz. Although comprehensive details of the system are yet to be disclosed, players can anticipate more information in the forthcoming Patch 13.19 release notes.

Player Concerns

The introduction of the Ranked Queue Penalties system has elicited mixed reactions from the player community. While some responses may appear exaggerated, there are legitimate concerns. For instance, questions have arisen about players circumventing penalties by switching accounts to access Ranked games. Trolling in casual game modes also remains a potential issue.

It's worth noting that Riot Games has expressed a commitment to not segregate toxic players into a separate queue, opting instead for a remedial approach to reform. While skepticism is natural, the changes introduced seem well-considered and aim to address the long-standing issue of toxicity in the League of Legends community.


The introduction of the Ranked Queue Penalties system signals Riot Games' continued dedication to fostering a more respectful and sportsmanlike environment in League of Legends. While player skepticism is understandable, this system appears to be a well-thought-out step towards a more positive gaming experience for all. The success of the system will ultimately hinge on its full implementation, and the League of Legends community eagerly awaits more information to determine its effectiveness in addressing toxicity within the game. Riot's commitment to creating a healthier gaming community is evident, and the Ranked Queue Penalties system represents a significant stride toward achieving that goal.

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