Best Team Comps for Arena 2v2v2v2 Game Mode in League of Legends

April 19, 2024

League of Legends' new Arena game mode has taken the community by storm, offering an exciting and action-packed experience for players. Whether you're a casual gamer or a min-maxer, the Arena mode provides a simple-to-play system that allows you to engage in thrilling battles without the need for extensive farming.

In this article, we'll explore the top 20 team compositions for the Arena 2v2v2v2 game mode based on the current meta. The Arena game mode presents unique challenges for players, as the fast-paced nature requires quick decision-making and adaptability. Team compositions need to synergize well to secure victories in intense 2v2v2v2 battles. By strategically selecting champions and leveraging their abilities, players can gain a competitive edge and dominate the Arena.

best arena 2v2v2v2 comps league of legends

Top 20 Team Compositions for Arena 2v2v2v2:

20 - Nilah and Karma:

While ranked lowest on our list, the Nilah and Karma combo offers a unique synergy with Nilah's close-range damage and Karma's movement speed, shielding, and additional damage.

19 - Annie and Kennen:

Annie's crowd control abilities combined with Kennen's burst damage make this duo a formidable force in the Arena. Timing and coordination are key to fully utilize their potential.

18 - Heimerdinger and Shaco:

This high-skill-cap composition features Heimerdinger's strategic placement of turrets and Shaco's deceptive maneuvers. It requires precise execution and offers substantial damage potential.

17 - Lucian and Milio:

Lucian, paired with the support champion Milio, thrives in the Enchanter and ADC composition. Milio's healing and range extension complement Lucian's abilities, making them a solid choice.

16 - Ashe and Lulu:

Ashe and Lulu form a reliable combo with Lulu providing peel, crowd control, and protection while Ashe unleashes her damage. This composition is straightforward and effective.

15 - Vayne and Karma:

Vayne's high damage output is balanced by Karma's movement speed and protective abilities. This combination requires skillful execution to maximize their potential.

14 - Kai'sa and Nautilus:

Kai'sa and Nautilus form a classic duo that excels in both Summoner's Rift and the Arena. Nautilus provides crowd control and peeling for Kai'sa, allowing her to deal significant damage.

13- Alistar and Samira:

Alistar's crowd control synergizes well with Samira's passive, amplifying her damage output. This composition offers a balance of crowd control and damage potential.

12 - Ivern and Rengar:

Ivern's brush creation combined with Rengar's ability to utilize them creates a thematic and powerful duo. Ivern provides peeling and control, while Rengar excels at eliminating targets.

11 - Maokai and Wukong:

Maokai and Wukong's chain crowd control potential makes them a formidable combination. Their durability and damage output allow for successful engagements in the Arena.

10 - Seraphine and Zyra:

Seraphine and Zyra both possess damage and crowd control abilities, enabling them to synergize effectively. This composition offers a blend of damage and control.

9 - Taric and Kindred:

Taric and Kindred create a strong composition with invulnerability and scaling damage. As the game progresses, this combination becomes increasingly powerful.

8 - Taric and Master Yi:

Similar to the previous composition, Taric and Master Yi excel together. Master Yi's consistent damage output complements Taric's invulnerability, resulting in a potent duo.

7 - Sona and Twitch:

Twitch pairs well with enchanters, and Sona's crowd control and effects enhance his killing potential. This straightforward composition is highly effective in the Arena.

6 - Jinx and Milio:

Jinx thrives with the support of Milio, who provides extra range and healing. Jinx's high damage output is further amplified by this composition.

5 - Lulu and Twitch:

Twitch, paired with Lulu, benefits from her protective abilities, allowing him to excel in the Arena. This combination maximizes Twitch's damage potential.

4 - Kayn and Taric:

Taric's invulnerability enhances Kayn's damage output, particularly in his Rhaast form. While this composition requires skill and timing, it offers significant damage potential.

3 - Karma and Kog'maw:

Karma and Kog'maw synergize excellently, enhancing Kog'maw's kiting, survivability, and damage. This duo offers substantial damage potential.

2 - Milio and Twitch:

Milio and Twitch form a lethal combination, capitalizing on Twitch's damage output with Milio's support. This composition consistently delivers high damage in any situation.

1 - Taric and Kayle:

Taric and Kayle stand out as the top team composition for the Arena. Their combined damage and invulnerability provide excellent scaling, sustainability, and resilience.


In the dynamic and fast-paced Arena 2v2v2v2 game mode, choosing the right team composition is essential for success. The top 20 compositions listed here offer diverse playstyles and synergies, each with its strengths and strategic considerations. Experiment with these combinations, adapt to the ever-changing meta, and dominate the Arena with your preferred team composition.

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Remember, the meta and champion balance can shift with future patches, so stay updated and adapt your team compositions accordingly. Good luck, and may your Arena battles be filled with victory and glory!

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